Letter to David William Smith - January 05, 1801


1 p, 7.5"x 12",  To David William Smith of York, concerning a large cache of rum.


" Ancaster, January 5, 1801.

Dear Sir,

     "If you recollect when Governour Simcoe Went to Detroit his Excellency was pleased to order Mr. Daniel Springer to give the Indians ten Gallons of rum which has since been paid to the said Springer, and as you was present, I wish you would (if possible) see him paid, I have Mentioned it to Several of the Gentlemen That were present, but it seems that if has slipt [sic] Their Memory, if any thing can be done I wish you would let me Know, as I am going to the River Johnson very soon, and shall see Mr. Springer, I Am Dr Sir Yours Sincerely -- "

      Jos. Brant

The Honorable David Wm Smith Esquire }

                                                       York } "

Boldly penned and signed with large, dark signature. General light toning; edge wear; else in very good condition.

  During the Revolutionary War , Brant led warriors of four Iroquois nations allied with Great Britain and was appointed captain in the British Army. He was made infamous for the Wyoming Valley "massacre," a Loyalist and Indian raid on a Pennsylvania settlement that resulted in the deaths of hundreds. As later determined by historians, Brant was not even present. Indeed, though, he was known as "Monster Brant" by the Americans. But in actuality, he was a voice of moderation and restraint during the struggle. Following the war, he migrated with his followers to the Grand River region of Ontario which was granted to them in thanks for their loyal service. For the remainder of his life he attempted to form a pan-Indian alliance to resist further encroachment on western lands by the United States. His efforts were unsuccessful, but the struggle would be continued by Shawnee leader Tecumseh. Usual folds, else very fine condition. A very difficult example to obtain; this is perhaps the finest to come to market in decades. From the Henry E. Luhrs Collection. Accompanied by LOA from PSA/DNA.  
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