February 2002

Fred Blayney and Doris Lemon are seen here at the Grand River Branch display in February's 'Heritage Day' at Fairview Plaza in Kitchener.



The March Annual and following Regular Meeting saw six Certificates presented to members.

Front Row L to R:  Davis Winch, Culver J. Leclerc and Wilson Leclerc, all receiving certificates for Timothy Culver Sr.

Back Row L to R:  Becky Leclerc, Marion Smith Tait  (certificate for Henry Windecker) , Brooklyn and Carly Winch  (certificates for Timothy Culver Sr.) , Robert McCarey  (Branch President),  Doris Wilson,  Marilyn Branch,  Jill Winch,  Fritz Reeves (Branch Membership Chairman), Joy Burtch and Cathy Thompson (Branch Genealogist).

Note: Four generations were present from one family, all U.E.

Great Grandmother ...  Doris Wilson
Grandmothers ...   Marilyn Branch and sister Joy Burtch
Mothers ...   Becky Leclerc and Jill Burtch
Children ...   Culver and Wilson Leclerc;  Carly, Brooklyn and Davis Winch

Not Present:  Margueritte Martin of North Bay has received her Certificate for Geronimous Crysler.


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