Sisters Mabel Fisher (left) and Lola Timson (below) received their certificates this year for ancestor Daniel Secord


Branch members (above) researching trips for Conference 2002 in Waterloo.

In July, Dominion President Bill Terry is seen assisting with the unveiling of a monument in Union, New Jersey, marking the burial place of fallen British and German troops in the Battle of Connecticut Farms.



At a picnic following a summer meeting at Apps Mill, Eleanor Chapin (center) enjoys a chat with other branch members. Eleanor recently retired from being Branch Genealogist having held that position for over 17 years. In lieu of a gift to mark that occasion, she asked that something be donated to her favourite cause, the Bernice Flett Scholarship Fund.




Other members (right) getting set for the picnic at Apps Mill.



Fred and Dora Blayney hosted the Grand River's 'Antiques Road Show' at a recent meeting in Tillsonburg, where members brought a variety of very old items to be appraised.

Both are well known life-time collectors.

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