Education / Outreach Program

The Grand River Branch, one of twenty-nine Branches across Canada of The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, is incorporated in the Province of Ontario as a heritage organization and is affiliated with The Ontario Historical Society.

Our mandate in our Constitution and By-Laws charges us, in brief:

To preserve Canadian and, especially, Loyalist history and traditions;
To hold public meetings, lectures and exhibitions;
To undertake a variety of information sharing, publicity and public educations; and;
To discover and collect any material which may help to establish, illustrate or define the history of the Loyalists and preserve such material and make it accessible, as far as feasible, to all those who may wish to study it.


To fulfill our mandate, Grand River Branch undertakes numerous education/outreach programs and projects.  Our committee, one of the Branch's most important, supplies Loyalist related education to people of all ages throughout our area.  Our Outreach Program provides the opportunity for people to become aware of our organization and make inquiries about their ancestors, to determine if they are Loyalists, and to aid them by using our resources.  This is accomplished by participation in historical and genealogy fairs, hosting workshops, having our display and resource library at special gatherings, and by responding to requests of organizations requesting our presence.

The Annual Report for the year 2001 and 2000 follows:

Education/Outreach Report for the year 2001

In January, February, March the Committee for the permanent exhibit at Eva Brook Donly Museum, in Simcoe, met many times with Curator Bill Yeager and conferred with the artists Garry Walker and Robert Judd.  In April, the Branch celebrated the opening of this exhibit 'A Loyalist Journey - The Long Point Settlement'.  The Display starts with a large mural depicting a Loyalist family, in a cart with oxen, arriving in dense forest.  The Loyalist story is told in five panels: Trouble in the Colonies; Who Were the Loyalists?; Escape to Canada; Settlement; and Loyalist Legacy.  The display is enhanced with artifacts of the period, some of which were donated by member Fred Blayney, UE.   The $9,000 required for the display was shared equally between the Branch, The Norfolk Historical Society and the Canadian Millenium Partnership Program 2000 grant and appreciation is expressed to them.   A special thanks is expressed to The Norfolk Historical Society's President, Sheils Hastie, and members Dr. Jim Cruise and Robert Ryerse UE. and, of course, to Bill Yeager, UE., Curator.

Branch Committee Members who donated many hours of volunteer service: Robert McCarey, Marilyn Branch, Fred and Dora Mae Blayney, Doris Wilson, Doris Lemon and Mary Haslinger.

On Heritage Day in February, Jim Sweet, Robert McCarey and Doris Lemon displayed research books and answered questions at Dunnville's Marine Heritage Day.  A follow-up letter to the Dunnville Chronicle praising the celebrating of Dunnville's marine heritage received good press coverage.

At the Boy Scout Regional meeting at Port Burwell, Robert McCarey with Frederick Reeves and his grandson gave history talks, wrote with quill pens and distributed genealogy charts to 465 Boy Scouts.

Labour Day weekend Jim Sweet and Eleanor Chapin staffed our display at Paris Fair.

Our new banner, made by Doris Lemon, was taken with our display to the Dominion Conference in Cornwall.  Doris also created new portable display boards which record the five panels of the Loyalist exhibit at Eva Brook Donly Museum and also our ten largest education/outreach projects.  Robert McCarey designed and made two displays of historical markers and points of interest in Norfolk.  Doris Lemon displayed the two Loyalist period costumed dolls which are taken into Grade 7 classrooms.  The dolls were crafted by local Mennonites at a cost of $60.00 each.

Long-time and faithful members Dora Mae Blayney and Fred Blayney, U.E. were nominated for Ontario Volunteer Service Awards.

The Branch donated $300.00 to Norfolk Historical Society for the purchase of Loyalist research books for Loyalist Library as part of the Norfolk Historical Society's collection in Eva Brook Donly Museum, Simcoe.  This is in addition to the memorial book donated annually in memory of deceased members.  This year's loyal members were Ron Smith, Velma Dubrick and John Askin.

Dominion President Bill Terry, Carol Terry, Doris Wilson, Doris Lemon and Fred Hayward, Dominion Education/Outreach Chair, presented Loyalist talks to two Grade Seven classes in Norfolk County.  President Bill Terry then presented a flag to Norfolk Historical Society for the pole in front of the Eva Brook Donly Museum in the heart of the Loyalist Long Point Settlement.

Members attended in costume, with display, at Backus Conservation Area for Battle ReEnactments of the War of 1812: Imogen and Allen Givens, Doris Lemon, Cynthia Stappels, Jim Sweet, Frederick and Rachel Reeves. Cathy Thompson looked in from time to time. A long plastic banner was designed, created and donated by David Hood, UE, decendant of Jonathan Williams, who owns Images and Signs in Collingwood. It will stretch between hydro poles or attach to railings. The Branch appreciates this generous donation.

In December, Dominion President Bill Terry and Branch President Robert McCarey attended, in Toronto, the farewell reception for The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, Lt. Governor of Ontario hosted by the Loyal Societies of Ontario.

The Branch held nine interesting meetings which were open to the public. One of the most outstanding was Dr. Paul Tanser's presentation on Other Causes of the American Revolution.

President Bill Terry spoke at the Lynn Valley Women's Institute and Houghton Public School. Doris Lemon presented a costumed dramatization of her Loyalist ancestor Mary Titus Williams to: The Kitchener Men's Probus Club; to 150 members of the K-W Retirees Professional and Business Men's Club; the Study Group of Glen Acres Baptist Church; to Seniors groups in Waterloo and Holstein, and a Sorority Club. She took overheads, costumed dolls and quill pen writing for her talk to Grade Seven classes in Drayton and Kitchener.

In recent Branches newsletters, we requested a volunteer with graphics knowledge to design a new brochure to hand out to visitors to our display at heritage fairs and battle
re-inactments. Unfortunately, no one came forward and so, since we were in short supply, the old format was used, updated and printed on a laser printer.

Jim Sweet maintains our web site. Please visit it at
Also check out

Education/Outreach partially fulfills our mandate to preserve and promote Canadian and, especially, Loyalist history. Every year, in this annual report, a request is made for volunteers to help in this worthwhile program. And every year, the same loyal and dedicated members come forward. We cannot express enough "thanks" to those mentioned in this report. We hope others in the membership will be encouraged and inspired to serve in the next year.

The Branch Needs You!

Respectfully submitted March 17/2002

Doris Ann Lemon, U.E. Education/Outreach Chair.

Annual Report - Education/Outreach, November 2000

January 25th: Dramatization of Mary Titus Williams, Loyalist Wife, Revolution Refugee, Wilderness New Brunswick survivor, Long Point Settlement Pioneer, as she lived Canadian history 1783-1818, to Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin's first year history/genealogy course, University of Waterloo, by Doris Lemon.

February 4th: Professional Development Day for teachers with the Grand Erie School Board and we presented each teacher with a copy of A Teachers Resource. This involved two presentations at the day-long session in Caledonia. President Marilyn Branch, Bill Terry, Robert McCarey and Doris Lemon participated.

February 19th: Our display at Heritage Day in Fairview Mall, Kitchener. Was staffed by Kathleen Pasynk, Fred Blayney, Jim Sweet and Doris Lemon. We had good press coverage in the large flyer. In exchange for a donated package of Hasty-Notes, for the draw basket, we were given a 2 X 4" square with our name, and a few descriptive lines.

March 8th: Dramatization of Mary Titus Williams at Waterloo Heights Senior Citizens Centre, by Doris Lemon.

March 15th, Dramatization of Mary Titus Williams at Waterloo Kiwanis Club.

April 3rd: Dramatization of Mary Titus Williams at Kitchener Big sisters.

April 20th: Dramatization at Conestoga Towers Senior Citizens Centre.

April 28th: Loyalist Families of the Grand River Branch UEL was presented to the Grand River Conservation Authority for it's library. A review of their collection which was circulated to all interested parties revealed no mention of the Loyalists' settlement and it was deemed important that our book should be in it's collection. A list of Loyalists, mentioned in the book, was placed on a flyleaf. IT IS RECOMMENDED that a list of ALL the Loyalists who settled in the Grand River area be complied and submitted to the GRCA.

June 3rd: Celebration 2000, Simcoe. Jim Sweet took the books and display to the Simcoe Fairgrounds for 4:00 pm set up for Celebration 2000 on Saturday and Sunday, assisted by Bill Terry. On Saturday Rob McCarey displayed his collection and our flags. Bill and Carol Terry, Rob McCarey, Doris Wilson and Jim staffed the display and answered questions.

September 30th: NORFOLKLORE was held at the Simcoe highschool gym. Jim took the book display and props and set up. Rob McCarey displayed his collection and our flags. Bill and Carol Terry helped staff. It was a very busy time for our volunteers with dozens of interested people with questions. It was unfortunate that the bus tour to the Hudson Valley coincided with Norfolklore as some of our volunteers were on the trip. It is therefore recommended that more members of Grand River Branch come forward and become familiar with our wonderful collection of research books and help other UE's who are searching for their ancestors. It is not a difficult task to learn about our books and the pleasure of helping people find direction in their search is beyond description.

October 13: Girl Guide Event at Bakus Conservation Area.  Over 600 Guides and Brownies attended our genealogy/history workshop in preparation for their Heritage Badges".  It was hosted by Marilyn and Laurie Branch, Rob McCarey, Jim Sweet, Frederick and Rachel Reeves, Doris Lemon, and John Holden. Special costumed guest was Marilyn's grand-daughter and Doris Wilson's great grand-daughter Culver who, in costume, stood up on a wood-box and spoke to the children most convincingly. The troops heard Rob McCarey's presentation on genealogy, Doris Lemon's Loyalist history, and wrote with quill pens and ink with Marilyn and Doris Wilson. The girls had never seen ink before. Their works of art were tacked on the wall of the barn to dry, and were most impressive fluttering in the breeze. There were weaving and other pioneer activities and battle re-enactments of the War of 1812. We thank Monica McCarey for including the Grand River Branch in this wonderful day. Six Teacher's Resource Kits were presented to the District Commissioners.

October 18th: Dramatization at Kitchener/Waterloo Zonta Club by Doris Lemon.

October 31st: Dramatization for Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin's fall term first year history/genealogy course at the University of Waterloo.

Imogene Givens spoke to the United Church Women in Waterford and Eleanor Chapin took books to the Ontario Genealogical Society fair at Smokey Hollow and assisted researchers.

Cemetery Defence Fund We sent $100.00 at the request of the Ontario Historical Society, with whom we are affiliated, for a fund to oppose the removal of remains from St James Cathedral Cemetery, established 1797.

Re: Teacher's Resource Kits: Perhaps more members could take a responsible role in seeing this valuable resource tool is placed in each school in our Branch Territory. This is a daunting task for any one member, but if 170 of us try to donate one each, we can accomplish it. Rob McCarey holds the record so far! If you wish to help, Doris Lemon will happily provide the kit.

Flags Presented: As part of our outreach program for the year, flags were presented to Woodhouse United Church in honour of its 200th anniversary and to St Paul's Presbyterian Church in Simcoe, for a special service in honour of the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday. A letter of congratulation was sent by President, Marilyn Branch, to the Queen Mother and a reply received.

Support for Chiefswood, the home of Pauline Johnson, now a Heritage Designation, continued under the liaison of Doris Marcellus who followed the progress of the restoration and creation of the gardens. Concern was shown by Doris Marcellus over unsatisfactory conditions of one of our Loyalist cemeteries, Tranquility, near Brantford. Letters were written to Brantford Council and the faults rectified.

Manitoba Branch "Twinned" to Grand River: Dominion Council has twinned Branches across Canada and our twin is the Manitoba Branch. The purpose is for Branches to share ideas, newsletters and generally support and encourage each other. Our first act recognizing this new relationship was to send a copy of our book Loyalist Families for display and research.

Memorial Cards at Funeral Homes: These attractive cards were designed by Past President Bill Terry and printed in colour. Upon the death of a member, they can be placed in funeral homes on the table with the memorial cards stating: "A book will be donated to the Norfolk Historical Society's collection in the Eva Brook Donly Museum in memory of Grand River Branch Member ________". IT IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT that a member of the executive, in your area, be notified immediately of the death of a member so the card can be provided.

Loyalist Long Point Settlement: Meetings were held with Norfolk Historical Society and a design chosen for a permanent exhibit in the Eva Brook Donly Museum showing the Loyalist Journey and story in five panels titled: Trouble In The Colonies: Who Were The Loyalists?; Escape To Canada; Settlement; and Loyalist Legacy. Artists Robert Judd and Garry Walker are commissioned to create the display and the work is expected to be completed by December 31st, 2000 with the official opening in April 2001. Grand River Committee: Marilyn Branch, President; Robert McCarey, Vice President; Bill Terry, Past President; Doris Wilson; Marilyn Haslinger; Dora May Blayney; Fred Blayney; and Doris Lemon, with Bill Yeager, Curator, as advisor.

The story of the Loyalist Settlement in Long Point has not been told and displayed heretofore, and Grand River Branch is proud that this permanent exhibit is taking shape. It is made possible by a Federal Millennium 2000 Partnership Grant wherein Grand River Branch and Norfolk Historical Society are partners.

It is hoped that Members of Grand River Branch will attend the official opening and celebration of the display.

IT IS RECOMMENDED and DESIRED that more members take an active role in assisting with Education/Outreach. As you see by this report, there are many areas to cover. You will also observe that the same core group of loyal volunteers NEEDS YOUR HELP! EDUCATION/OUTREACH is important, it fulfills our mandate and receives press coverage, making us visible. Please volunteer now.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Ann Lemon, U.E. Education/Outreach Chair.