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All inquiries related to establishing a relationship to a United Empire Loyalist ancestor should be directed to Heather Smith UE.

Heather has an extensive background in researching genealogy along with a professional association as Curatorial Director at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.




Would you like to prove your UE Status in order to gain your Certificate?

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Start here!  Heather has assembled the 'Grand River Guide to the UEL Certificate Application Form and Process' and it covers all the details.

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Heather's Genealogy Notes


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Heather Smith UE



"  She's calling it quits.


  After a successful 19 years here in the Friendly City, Heather Smith from the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery has decided to retire.


  After being raised in Southern Ontario, she has travelled around Canada as well as other countries around the world. She says that experiencing different cultures was something that helped her succeed in her job.


  "Always interested to hear about (other countries traditions) and to feel and experience another country's traditions."


  She first moved here in 1996, when she became the Curatorial Director. Smith says that she has accomplished some interesting achievements during her time here.


  "We did a book about a pottery that was based in Fort Qu'appelle, and the book won publisher of the year award in Saskatchewan, so that was really a highlight."


  She went on to add that though she is leaving the Friendly City, she will always have fond memories of it.


  "It's been a wonderful community. It's an excellent place to raise children with many programs, and the schools with music and sports. I really can't thank Moose Jaw enough."


  She will be retuning to Port Rowan, Ontario, where she was raised to pursue personal interests and administrate Boatworks Artist-in-Residence." - 16 May 2015


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Many Grand River Branch members are descendants of the Loyalist settlers of the area to the north of Long Point, which is a rather imposing 32 kilometre (19.8 mile) sand spit extending into Lake Erie.  Along the shoreline of the mainland, communities grew aided by the rich farmlands which enjoyed a more temperate climate.  The proximity of a large body of water would warm the lands in the winter and provide a refreshing breeze during the heat of summer; Long Point Bay offered a relatively safe harbour as well as easy access to the resources of fish in Lake Erie.

More or less simultaneously, these settlements spread out and inland from around the areas of Port Rowan to Port Ryerse to Port Dover. 

Eventually, they would occupy the most southerly tier of concessions in Walsingham, probably all of Charlotteville and Woodhouse and well into the area east and west of the boundary between Windham and Townsend, basically the great part of both townships (probably more densely in Townsend) at least as far north as in and about Round Plains.

Despite the hardship and privation, the Long Point area must have held great potential to the original Loyalist settlers who escaped their homelands which held such little promise after the revolution.

Click on the map below for a list of the Loyalist families of the Long Point Settlement, with a brief background on each.