how do you get paid from amazon fba>how do you get paid from amazon fba

how do you get paid from amazon fba

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An employee earning $15.25 an hour who has worked for Amazon for more than three years in Arizona crunched the numbers. Although he is getting a $1 an hour raise, which would equate to as much as $2,080 in additional pay a year, he said he could have earned a few thousands of dollars more from the incentive programs. "Amazon isn't giving its employees a raise, they're taking money from us," he told Yahoo Finance. "It only looks good if folks don't know the truth." But for some Amazon employees, the excitement didn't last very long as they learned that existing financial incentives and bonus programs, including stock and monthly bonuses, that usually boost paychecks will be eliminated starting November 1.

Those belonging to the union who work at the Amazon warehouse in Coventry, central England, are planning to stage a walkout on Jan. 25 over a pay row with the e-commerce giant. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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how do you get paid from amazon fba

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  • how do you get paid from amazon fba

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